Accessing your data

To access the data, you need to mount the snapshot.  Normally you could use the commands:

mkdir /snap
mount /dev/vg/fs-snap /snap

to mount the device.  However the mount command shown produces the following error:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'drbd'

This error occurs because the "filesystem type" flag of the volume is set to 'drbd' when the resource is initially created.

Normally you don't want to mount DRBD backing devices directly, so this flag provides something of a safeguard.  However, in our case we need to mount our snapshot in order to access the data!  The trick is to override the filesystem type flag in the volume, by directing the mount command to use the type of the filesystem contained within the DRBD device (in this case the filesystem type is 'ext3'):

mount -t ext3 /dev/vg/fs-snap /snap

If the command succeeds, you can access your data as normal!

ls /snap
bin   cluster  etc   lib    lib64       media  opt   root  sbin  tmp  var
boot dev home lib32 lost+found mnt proc run sys usr