Resetting your VCS Password

If you've manged to get locked out of your Veritas Cluster Server Cluster Manager, but you have root access to the server(s), you can reset your password(s) using the following procedure.

As root on one of the cluster nodes, run the following command:

hauser -list

This should give a list of VCS users for the cluster, perhaps similar to the following:


To reset the password of one of the users in the list, run the following command:

hauser -update admin

You will then be prompted for a new password for the user.

If you receive the following error when running this command:

VCS WARNING V-16-1-11309 Configuration must be ReadWrite

then, you need to put the configuration into ReadWrite mode, with the following command:

haconf -makerw

You should now be able to set passwords as described above.


Nice one mate. Simple and well explained . Igot the same error too ;)

This helped me a lot. Thanks

Also solved my issue thank you !