What's this about a beer or a dew?

When I was just a young mutt, I used to help Dad when a friend or neighbor needed something. Dad was pretty good with such things, so inevitably the problem would get solved, and he would always offer our visitor "Can I buy you a beer?". Many times our visitor didn't want a beer, but they understood that it was Dad's neighborly way of making our visitor comfortable. So they would sit and have a beer, cup of coffee, or whatever, and catch up for a few minutes.

When I was looking for modules I needed for my new Drupal (the software this site runs on) site, I happened across the Buy Me A Beer module. Obviously, the module allows this website to accept donations, but what caught my attention is that it offers a friendly way for visitors to say to me "Well done!". Now, I know that contributing toward someone's alcoholism is not for everyone (yes, Dad did have a bit of a problem with that). But, I assure you that won't be a problem in my case. In fact, in this electronic day and age, it's been quite some time (a year perhaps?) since I've sat with someone and had a beer. So, if you're reading an article here, and you like the article, or it helps you out in some way, consider clicking on the link, and buying me a beer!

If you just can't bring yourself to buy alcohol for someone, then perhaps my daily beverage would suite you better? I've never been able to drink coffee (it upsets me stomach!), so when I'm feeling a bit sluggish mid-morning or mid-afternoon, I'll reach for a Mountain Dew for my caffeine! While buying me a beer says "Take a break on me and get off that computer for a while!", a Dew would say "Good job on that article - now go kick out another!". Either way, your kind thoughts are appreciated!

If you also feel like leaving a note, or commenting on one of my articles, I'll reflect on your comments while I'm drinking my beer or Dew! While I can't quite sit with you for a few minutes in this electronic age, at least it's a step in the right direction!